Augustin-Louis Cauchy

Data di nascita: 21 Agosto 1789
Data di morte: 23 Maggio 1857
In: Sceaux


He was a French mathematician, engineer and physicist who made pioneering contributions to several branches of mathematics, including mathematical analysis and continuum mechanics.
He was one of the first to state and rigorously prove theorems of calculus, rejecting the heuristic principle of the generality of algebra of earlier authors.
He almost singlehandedly founded complex analysis and the study of permutation groups in abstract algebra.
A profound mathematician, Cauchy had a great influence over his contemporaries and successors; Hans Freudenthal stated: "More concepts and theorems have been named for Cauchy than for any other mathematician (in elasticity alone there are sixteen concepts and theorems named for Cauchy)."
Cauchy was a prolific writer; he wrote approximately eight hundred research articles and five complete textbooks on a variety of topics in the fields of mathematics and mathematical physics.

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