Everything grows faster and faster and all become digital, it’s the only solution:
dematerialization allows optimization, classification and eternal conservation.
MemorYou is the directory of all the people who Rest In Peace!
How can we forget them? How can we remember them? How can we make them eternal in Space-Time?
The memory is what allow us to get closer to immortality,
the memory of a good action, the memory of a song or of a moment inspired by it.
MemorYou allows you to insert, search or find people that have done something for you or for the world and now R.I.P.


Ludwig van Beethoven

Completely deaf, he produced an “Hymn to Joy” to let us hear

Stephen Hawking

You don't need words to describe it...

Albert Einstein

He imagined a relative world and we took decades to prove that his was not a dream

Leonardo da Vinci

Out of your mind! Is there anything else to say?
Wonderfull people

Maria Teresa di Calcutta

A life dedicated to others

Steve Jobs

Newton saw the apple fall, he bit it and it was magic

Nelson Mandela

Symbol of equality and anti-racism

Mahatma Gandhi

The weak cannot forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.