Evgenij Mihailovic Lifsits

Data di nascita: 21 Febbraio 1915
Data di morte: 29 Ottobre 1985
In: Mosca


He was a leading Soviet physicist and brother of the physicist Ilya Lifshitz.
Lifshitz is well known in the field of general relativity for coauthoring the BKL conjecture concerning the nature of a generic curvature singularity. As of 2006, this is widely regarded as one of the most important open problems in the subject of classical gravitation.
Lifshitz was the second of only 43 people ever to pass Landau's "Theoretical Minimum" examination. He made many invaluable contributions, in particular to quantum electrodynamics, where he calculated the Casimir force in an arbitrary macroscopic configuration of metals and dielectrics.

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