Georg Gamow

Data di nascita: 4 Marzo 1904
Data di morte: 19 Agosto 1968
In: Boulder


He born Georgiy Antonovich Gamov, was a Soviet-American theoretical physicist and cosmologist.
He was an early advocate and developer of Lemaître's Big Bang theory.
He discovered a theoretical explanation of alpha decay via quantum tunneling, and worked on radioactive decay of the atomic nucleus, star formation, stellar nucleosynthesis and Big Bang nucleosynthesis (which he collectively called nucleocosmogenesis), and molecular genetics.
In his middle and late career, Gamow directed much of his attention to teaching and wrote popular books on science, including One Two Three... Infinity and the Mr Tompkins ... series of books (1939–1967).
Some of his books are still in print more than a half-century after their original publication.

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