Giorgio Gaber

Data di nascita: 25 Gennaio 1939
Data di morte: 1 Gennaio 2003
In: Montemagno, LU, Italia


He was an Italian singer, composer, actor, and playwright.
He was also an accomplished guitar player and author of one of the first rock songs in Italian ("Ciao ti dirò", 1958).
With Sandro Luporini, he pioneered the musical genre known as teatro canzone ("song theatre").
A lifelong smoker, Giorgio Gaber died in New Year's Day 2003 after a long battle with cancer, in his country house in Montemagno near Camaiore, in Tuscany, and is buried at the Monumental Cemetery of Milan.
In 2004, the refurbished underground auditorium of the Pirelli Tower in Milan was dedicated to him.
In 2012 Patti Smith recorded the cover of Io come persona, translated into English "I as a person", contained in the anthological album ci sono.

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