Jules-Enri Poincaré

Data di nascita: 29 Aprile 1854
Data di morte: 17 Luglio 1912
In: Montparnasse Cemetery, Boulevard Edgar Quinet, Parigi, Francia


He was a French mathematician, theoretical physicist, engineer, and philosopher of science. He is often described as a polymath, and in mathematics as "The Last Universalist," since he excelled in all fields of the discipline as it existed during his lifetime.
As a mathematician and physicist, he made many original fundamental contributions to pure and applied mathematics, mathematical physics, and celestial mechanics.
He was responsible for formulating the Poincaré conjecture, which was one of the most famous unsolved problems in mathematics until it was solved in 2002–2003 by Grigori Perelman.
In his research on the three-body problem, Poincaré became the first person to discover a chaotic deterministic system which laid the foundations of modern chaos theory.
He is also considered to be one of the founders of the field of topology.

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