Luigi Tenco

Data di nascita: 21 Marzo 1938
Data di morte: 27 Gennaio 1967
In: Sanremo, IM, Italia


He was an Italian singer, songwriter. After his alleged suicide, he became an icon of love and despair. The true causes of his death have not yet been agreed upon.
In 1967 he took part in the Italian Song Festival in Sanremo.
It was rumored, that he participated against his will.
The song he presented was "Ciao Amore Ciao" ("Bye, Bye my Love"), which he sang together with Dalida.
The video of the performance is lost, however it's possible to listen to the audio track, taken from the radio. Tenco allegedly committed suicide on 27 January 1967, he was only 28 years old, after learning that his song had been eliminated from the final competition. Tenco was officially found by Dalida in his hotel room with a bullet wound in his left temple and a note: "I cared for the Italian public and I dedicated in vain five years of my life to them. I'm doing this not because I'm tired of life (I'm not) but as a gesture of dissent against the public who chose Io tu e le rose for the final night and against the commission that selected La rivoluzione. I hope this will clear somebody's head".

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