Rino Gaetano

Data di nascita: 29 Ottobre 1950
Data di morte: 2 Giugno 1981
In: Cimitero in Mentana, Via Santa M. Degli Angeli, Mentana, RM, Italia


He was an Italian musician and singer-songwriter.
He is famous for his satirical songs and oblique yet incisive political commentary.
He is remembered for his rough voice, for the heavily ironic lyrics of his songs and his social protests.
He died in a car accident at age 30.
He was a popular and influential figure, widely re-evaluated by 2000s music.
On 2 June, at about 3 am, Rino was returning home alone in his car.
At 3.55 am, while along Rome's Via Nomentana he was in collision with a van.
The front and right side of the Volvo were destroyed.
When help arrived, Rino was already in a coma and at the hospital, an x-ray showed a fracture at the base of the skull, various wounds to the forehead, a fractured right molar and a suspected fracture of the sternum.
However, the clinic did not have a department for cranial injuries.
There was a great deal of controversy about this accident, because of the failure of any of the contacted hospitals to help Gaetano and thus, an investigation was launched.

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