Siméon-Denis Poisson

Data di nascita: 21 Giugno 1781
Data di morte: 25 Aprile 1840
In: Parigi, Francia


He was a French mathematician, engineer, and physicist, who made several scientific advances.
In pure mathematics, his most important works were his series of memoirs on definite integrals and his discussion of Fourier series, the latter paving the way for the classic researches of Peter Gustav Lejeune Dirichlet and Bernhard Riemann on the same subject; these are to be found in the Journal of the École Polytechnique from 1813 to 1823, and in the Memoirs de l'Académie for 1823.
He also studied Fourier integrals.
We may also mention his essay on the calculus of variations (Mem. de l'acad., 1833), and his memoirs on the probability of the mean results of observations (Connaiss. d. temps, 1827, &c).
The Poisson distribution in probability theory is named after him.

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